Roiss Haus Suites

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Ross Haus Suites

Timeless Charm in Lecce

Discover Roiss Haus Suites, where Baroque elegance meets modern comfort in a 17th-century palazzo. Each room seamlessly blends historic opulence with contemporary charm. Beyond accommodation, Roiss Haus offers an immersive experience, allowing guests to explore Lecce's streets and retreat to tranquil rooms. Uncover the allure of a bygone era with contemporary comfort at Roiss Haus Suites.

Welcome to Roiss Haus Suites

Fusion of Baroque Opulence and Modern Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Lecce, Roiss Haus Suites pays homage to the harmonious blend of Baroque opulence with a touch of modern elegance. Our 17th-century palazzo boasts restored rooms, each telling its own story while embracing contemporary comfort.

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Baroque Splendor

Step into history in our palatial residence exuding grandeur and Baroque details from the 17th century.

Meticulously restored, the rooms preserve the palace's charm, welcoming guests to a unique fusion of antiquity and luxury.

Subtle Modernity

Navigate historic corridors transforming into modern spaces. Inspired by contemporary principles, our design promotes simplicity, functionality, and a harmonious aesthetic. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and neutral tones define contemporary sophistication.

Hospitality Commitment

Beyond captivating design, our team ensures an exceptional stay.

We provide personalized recommendations and thoughtful attention.

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Join Our Fusion of Time and Style

Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of Baroque elegance and modernity at Roiss Haus Suites. Whether a history enthusiast, design lover, or seeking Lecce's heart, our palace welcomes you.